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Other has the most competitive prices for Equestrian supplies, such as Equestrian Boots, Accessories, Muckers, Knee Patches, Equestrian Outerwear, Hats, Shirts, Horse Boots, Tall Boots, Paddocks and Jods, Girths and Accessories, Spurs, Leads, Line and Ties, Reins, Chaps, Headstalls, Barrel Racer, Show Coats, and much more. .

FEI named International Sports Federation of the Year

The award tops off a year of recognition that has also included accolades for the FEIs #TwoHearts campaign....

Managing Barns and Buildings During the Winter

In many states, snow and winter go hand in hand. Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures that accompany them can lead to some serious problems for the horse owner: frozen water pipes, slippery turnout conditions, and even buildin...

Auction of Seized ISPMB Horses Relocated

A barrage of harassing phone calls and other threats is being credited with the relocation of an auction of wild horses seized from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB)....

Join The Horse for an AAEP 2016 Trade Show Tour

emThe Horse/em hit the trade show floor to learn more about a few of the exhibitors and their companies at AAEP....

The Science Behind Equine Supplements

Manufacturers make many claims, but do supplements really work Well look at the research and answer your questions!...

AAEP 2016 Trade Show Spotlight: Platinum Performance

Rick Roncka of Platinum Performance highlights products developed to support weight gain, joint health, and reproduction....

AAEP 2016 Trade Show Spotlight: Evolve Biosystems

Dr. Steven Frese introduces GlycoGuard, a new product designed to support a healthy gut microbiome in nursing foals....