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EHV Clinical Signs

Dr. Stephen Reed shares the clinical signs a horse infected with equine herpesvirus might exhibit....

Proposed West Virginia Bill Would Tax Veterinary Services

The legislation levy an 8% sales tax on a range of goods and services, including fees charged by veterinarians for any treatment of small and large animals....

Choosing Hay for a Yearling Horse

Our nutrition expert considers grain hays, grass hay, and alfalfa for feeding growing horses....

Supplementation Strategies for Performance Horses

Many pleasure horses can easily survive and prosper off hay alone. Elite athletic horses, however, need their diets customized to meet their specific dietary requirements, as hay alone often does not provide enough energy (calorie...

Marion County, Oregon, Horse Tests Positive for EHV

The horse showed acute neurologic signs and was euthanized after his condition deteriorated....

Tips for Producing High-Quality Alfalfa Hay for Horses

When harvested correctly, alfalfa is a high-quality source of protein and calcium for horses....

FEI Rules on 2016 Prohibited Substance Cases

An endurance rider received a 30-month suspension while a para-equestrians provisional suspension was lifted....