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'Trigger' Finds Permanent Home in Florida Keys

Last year Trigger was ridden nearly 700 miles from Greenwood, South Carolina, to Miami-Dade, Florida....

Time to Ride Challenge Association Program Grows

Associations will reward challenge hosts with additional cash and prizes for connecting people to horses....

PAAG Showing Promise as Arthritis Pain Reliever for Horses

Injecting polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) into an arthritic joint could offer long-lasting pain relief, possibly via a cushioning effect, researchers found....

The Future of Parasite Control?

Anthelmintic resistance to at least one drug class could be present in every equine operation across the world. With only three classes to choose from, we are running out of treatment options....

UHVRC Distributes More Than 3,200 Vaccines to Horses in Need

The UHVRC has delivered more than 25,000 doses of core vaccines to protect horses in need since its inception in 2009....

Limb Sensors for Equine Diagnostics, Performance Evaluations

Researchers believe inertial measurement units can provide greater accuracy in veterinary diagnoses and performance evaluations....

Equine Supplements

Download our free guide for a basic overview of equine supplements and tips for selecting the right ones for your horses....