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Tissue Level Events and Immune Response in Horses

David Hurley, PhD, of the University of Georgia, shares insight into how tissue level events influence the development and control of immune system responses to infection, vaccines, and tumors....

Potomac Horse Fever Detected in Maryland

Potomac horse fever was confirmed in two Frederick County horses, one of which died from the disease....

How Do Horses Get to the Rio Olympic Games?

The Olympic horses have begun their trek to Rio! Find out how theyre getting to Brazil....

New Lawsuit Alleges Horse Feed was Tainted

Two horse owners allege that feed manufacturer ADM knowingly sold and distributed horse-feed tainted with monensin....

Suit Seeks Halt to BLM Wild Horse Spaying Plan

A wild horse advocacy group filed a federal lawsuit aimed at stopping the BLM from surgically sterilizing mares from an Oregon wild horse herd....

UK Researcher Develops New Tall Fescue Variety

Plant breeder Tim Phillips, PhD, has developed a new tall fescue variety that is nontoxic to grazing animals, including horses....

Researchers Examine Horse Management, Use, and Health Risks

Findings include dressage horses have the greatest risk of locomotor problems, and horses that get only a few hours of turnout each day that are more likely to injure themselves in the field than those with constant turnout....