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Do Pre- and Probiotics Help Horses?

A nutritionist looks at the relevant, if limited, research about pre- and probiotics in the equine diet....

Colorado Horse Herd Seized

Law enforcement authorities seized 63 horses from a property in Penrose last week....

Feeding the Ulcer-Prone Horse

Learn how to craft a diet for the horse with painful lesions in his stomach....

EHV Confirmed in Horse Previously Stabled at Turfway Park

A Thoroughbred filly is isolated at a private farm while one barn at the Kentucky track is currently quarantined....

Feed Weanlings Carefully to Support Growth, Reduce DOD

Researchers found that a low-carbohydrate, forage-based total mixed ration cube fed free choice supported growth rates without increasing DOD incidence....

Jockey Club TIP Increases Shows and Offerings in 2017

The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) will offer awards and classes at more than 1,000 shows in 42 states and six Canadian provinces....

Do Probiotics Help Prevent Foal Diarrhea?

The probiotic researchers tested had disappointing results, but not all studies have yielded negative results....