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University of Tennessee to Host Equine Podiatry Conference

The pre-conference workshop and conference for veterinarians and farriers will take place May 20 and 21, respectively, in Knoxville....

TMJ Inflammation's Impact on Chewing in Horses

Unilateral TMJ inflammation not only affects the way horses chew, but also likely creates a certain level of pain....

Flies and Bugs: Protect Your Horse

Mites, lice, flies, and mosquitoes can cause irritation and carry dangerous diseases. Be aware of the external parasite species that are in your area and when they are prevalent so you can control them....

Assessing the Foal and Placenta After Birth

A foals first hours are fragile. Here, Dr. Peter Morresey of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, in Lexington, Kentucky, shares the early signs of trouble to look for in both the neonate foal and its placenta. What you learn might save...

Can Stalled Stallions Interact Socially?

Stallions with access to each other through stall walls interacted frequently with a surprisingly low injury rate....

Veterinarians, Students Serve Working Horses in Honduras

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how the group provided care to more than 300 working equids during a trip to Southern Honduras....

Infographic: Staying Sane on Stall Rest

Long-term confinement is difficult for horses but often necessary for healing from certain injuries and illnesses, such as tendon and ligament strains, bone fractures, and laminitis. Learn how to keep horses happy and healthy whil...