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Nevada Terminates Virginia Herd Management Agreement

Previously the state worked with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign to manage the herd of estray horses....

Animal Health Officials, Vets Tour Conghua Training Centre

The Hong Kong Jockey Clubs Conghua Training Centre, on the Chinese mainland, is slated to open in 2018....

Study: Mares, Foals Can Benefit From Blue-Light Masks

Among other results, scientists found that foals born to light-therapy mares were more mature at birth and grew faster....

Cooling Your Horse Out on Cold Days

Assisting your horse with his post-exercise cooling process can impact how well and how quickly he recovers. This stands true no matter the season. But cold weather cooling requires also guarding against a chilled horse....

What Should I Do if My Horse Was Exposed to Disease?

A veterinarian offers advice the steps to take if your horse could have been exposed to an infectious disease....

Precious Cargo: Steps for a Safer Horse-Hauling Experience

From annual safety inspections to cautious driving, you can help make your horses journey safer....