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Other has the most competitive prices for Equestrian supplies, such as Equestrian Boots, Accessories, Muckers, Knee Patches, Equestrian Outerwear, Hats, Shirts, Horse Boots, Tall Boots, Paddocks and Jods, Girths and Accessories, Spurs, Leads, Line and Ties, Reins, Chaps, Headstalls, Barrel Racer, Show Coats, and much more. .

Supplement Use in Performance Horses

Take a look at some commonly fed supplements and the theories behind their use....

Feeding Horses When You're Riding in the Wilderness

Riding in wilderness areas can present challenges for feeding your horse. Here are some tips!...

How To Pick a Horse's Hoof

New to horses Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to safely clean a horses hoof....

'Lily' Adopted

The mare who recovered after being pelted with a paintball gun has been adopted by comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey....

Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, Horse Tests Positive for EIA

Thirty-four equids on the affected Enon Valley premises will be quarantined for at least 60 days....

LSU Seeking Horses With Gastric Ulcers for Study

Clinicians are evaluating a new investigational drug for treating equine gastric ulcers....

NDSU Extension to Hold Equine Workshops

Lecture topics include weed identification, pasture management; deworming, composting, vaccination programs, and more....