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Finding a unicorn

When you find a pair of unicorn slippers for adults you buy them. ...

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James Kofford at Dressage at Devon

Sharing my favorite ride of the night at Dressage at Devon.  ...

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Artist giveaway, and cards as affordable art!

I cant stop looking at this image Ive stopped sending occasion cards for the most part -- why feed the Hallmark Beast when you can support artists, rescues, and non-profits My husband contributes to many nature/rescue/diabetes non-profits and often they send lovely cards to us.  We can personalize them for any occasion in our own hand. I occasionally get cards from a local horse rescue. There are times, though, I like to pull out all the stops and send a wow artsy card that is blank inside. Artistic find! Caroline Towning I found one recently that is so beautiful and haunting I read about the artist Caroline Towning . She is based in the U.K.  I liked it enough to order it from London. Do you see what I see How ethereal, like a ghost horse. Towning works in pencil and watercolor, and oil. Her attention to detail is both realistic and expressive -- the animal...

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Riley and I 2018

Since I fell of in 2014, I can count the times Ive ridden Riley outside on both hands. This summer were going to do better, as weather permits. Last Monday I had a nice outside ride, my first of the summer. See the playlist at  or click on the image right! Note that Im using Correct Connect reins , which I think has really helped my contact and hand position as Im riding -- I start with the reins too short, clearly, but I like the way it goes after that. ...

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Correct Connect: Reins that help you improve your contact

I dont know why, but for some reason I have trouble keeping my grip on the bloody reins. My reins always seem to be too long, they slip through my hands, and Im constantly adjusting them.  Charlotte Dujardin has famously been quoted as saying short reins win medals! She is right. Long reins put your hands in your lap, encouraging you to collapse at the waist. Long reins can cause a break in the line from hand to the horses mouth and facilitate fiddling/busy contact.    Ive struggled with this problem for longer than I care to admit. Ive tried reins labelled sure grip, rubber lined, and rubber infused reins. Nothing has helped.  Whats Correct Connect   Last week, I tried the Correct Connect rein training system , which was developed by Olympic eventer Jill Hennenberg. I was searching Google  for reins to improve grip, trying words like...

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Facebook belly laugh -- gotta share!

The image to the right is an image, not a link, and the image hints at a story. Youve gotta watch it. I browsed rider Chrisanna Hancocks FB page and there is lots of funny stuff there, shes tough! Take a look at the video! ...

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BB Magee Laura Hermanson Dressage Mule Freestyle

Whoa! Nice gaits on this mule!!! Wonder how tall he or she is... ...

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